What’s the danger?

What Happens if You Don’t Comply With The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

As a result of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), any building which has an air conditioning system with an effective rated output of greater than 12kW will require an air conditioning inspection and accompanying inspection report Unlike the requirements for Energy Performance Certificates, these air conditioning inspections are not triggered by sale or rental, but have been given definite deadlines for compliance.

  • First inspection of all existing air conditioning systems over 250 kW cooling capacity must be completed by 4 January 2009.
  • First inspection of all existing air conditioning systems over 12 kW cooling capacity must be completed by 4 January 2011.

This means that any systems over 250 kW that have not already been inspected are currently breaching the regulations and therefore liable for a fine or further prosecution.

The True Cost of Delaying EPBD

Many companies don’t fully understand the implications on their business if they do not meet the Energy Performance of Buildings requirements. Consider the following points before you become the first legal test case Statutory Financial Penalties As legislation currently stands, you can be issued with a fixed
penalty notice of £300 for every day of non-compliance.

30 days @£300 = £9000 per month – can you afford not to take action??

Insurance Companies & EPBD

Insurance companies will be amongst the first to check if their clients have their air-conditioning systems inspected. They will want to see if policies have been invalidated for lack of regulatory compliance – an oversight like this could cost a company millions in the event of a claim.

Return on Investment

At NACI we don’t just provide test and performance measurements, we give practicable advice on how to improve the performance of your systems. Our above and beyond reports will show you how soon you can make a return on any investments, ensuring continued savings in the future.

Reasons for Compliance

Air Conditioning can account for up to 30-45% of the energy usage of large buildings so undertaking an inspection has a number of benefits:

Reduce your energy costs and consumption
Meet your legislative compliance obligations
Ensure your insurance policies are not invalidated
Reduce your overall carbon emissions and prepare for schemes such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment, which comes into effect in April 2010

How Can Nationwide Air Conditioning inspections Help?

  • Industry leading reporting over and above the requirements of legislation to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your systems
  • Use of only qualified engineers with the necessary
  • specialist knowledge to fully meet your needs

Access to our partners who can provide the follow up services where needed such as -

  • Real time energy consumption data
  • Monitoring, targeting and control systems
  • Full Energy, HVAC and Technical Audits
  • Fully funded energy projects and solutions

Download PDF – What Happens if you Don’t Comply with EPBD

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