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NACI undertake new corporate social responsibility initiative

NACI Woodland Trust

NACI Set To Work With Woodland Trust As Part Of It’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

As part of their ongoing commitment to help reduce carbon emissions, NACI have embarked on a new Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by working with the Woodland Trust.

The initial phase of the initiative will involve donating to the More Trees, More Good campaign which plants trees to combat the ongoing threat of climate change.

Founded in 1972, the Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity. They now care for more than 1,000 woods, covering 20,000 hectares (50,000 acres).

Ancient woodland supports more species than any other UK landscape, however it faces many threats, including developments, like new roads and airports expansions and, probably its greatest threat, climate change. By acquiring woods and woodland sites, campaigning for better protection of woodland and working in partnership with others, the Woodland Trust aim to protect and restore the UK’s precious woodland heritage to its full glory.

The simple act of planting trees gives little clue to the wealth of benefits that follow: in as little as 12 years they form beautiful woodland where children can play, adults reflect, wildlife flourish and communities come together.

NACI plan to increase their involvement over the coming months including plans to create a dedicated woodland area.

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