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Mandatory Lodgement of TM44 reports now set for 6 April 2011

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DCLG announce new deadline for mandatory lodgement

The Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) have provided fresh guidance as to the expected commencement of mandatory lodgement of TM44 air conditioning inspections and reports. It is expected that as of 6 April 2012, all TM44 reports will need to be lodged not only with the relevant accreditation body but also on the national Landmark register.

Mandatory lodgement is seen as a welcome introduction by the industry and enforcement bodies alike as it will allow them to see whether a particular building has complied with the Regulations much more easily. At present, reports need only be provided to the client and a copy to be lodged with the relevant accreditation body. This means that if a client loses their report and they are requested to provide a copy to Trading Standards or other relevant person, they have to specifically request a copy from the accreditation body which can be time consuming. Mandatory lodgement will have the added benefit that site owners will be able to respond to such requests by referring to the register.

The introduction of mandatory lodgement is also expected to drastically increase the level of enforcement carried out by Trading Standards and the number of fines levied – if you haven’t had a report done by April 2012 you will have been non-compliant for over a year and the defence of reasonableness is unlikely to work!

Due to the delays with confirming a date, a number of accreditation bodies are already geared up for lodgement and so have now made it mandatory for their assessors to lodge with Landmark prior to the commencement date. However, reports that are not lodged on the register prior to the commencement date are still completely valid and clients still have the option to use non-CLG software for their reports provided they are lodged with the relevant accreditation body.


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