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Councils renew focus on TM44 compliance

Air Conditioning Inspections

TM44 inspections an increased priority

Liverpool City Council have issued a statement warning building owners that they face on the spot fines if they aren’t compliant with their TM44 obligations.

Emphasising the seriousness with which they view non-compliance they stated -

“Liverpool Trading Standards have been offering advice to owners of buildings with air conditioning systems which are affected by these regulations“ said Councillor Tim Moore, cabinet member for the environment and climate change.

“The purpose of the inspection and report is to ensure that building owners and managers get basic information about the efficiency of the air conditioning systems that they control, together with advice on how the energy efficiency or effectiveness of these systems might be improved.
“Not only is this legislation designed to improve efficiency and reduce the electricity consumption and operating costs but it is also aimed at cutting the carbon emissions of air conditioning systems which contribute to global warning.

“So it is important that owner and managers of buildings which come under these regulations have up-to-date inspection reports or they will pay the penalty.”

The Council further emphasised the range of offence, which include not ensuring that you have a valid report within 3 months of taking control of a system (e.g. when a building is sold or let) and the £300 fixed penalty fine. The renewed focus shown is indicative of a tougher stance by Councils and Trading Standard bodies, who are unlikely to be sympathetic to those caught given the time elapsed since the passing of the 4 January 2011 deadline. Larger sites are even more at risk as it may be regarded as grossly negligent to be non-compliant more 2 years after the 4 January 2009 deadline.


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