Corporate Social Responsibility

NACI Corporate Social Responsibility

The rise of the global economy has seen benefits across the world but also increasing public concern about business activities and a decline in trust. Corporations are seen as pursuing financial gain with little thought to the social and environmental impact of their activities and are frequently targeted by campaigners as a significant contributor to the rise of global warming and poverty.

However, many businesses have woken up to their responsibilities to the wider community and have invested significant resources into the promotion of corporate social responsibility.  Many companies approach business decisions with a wider Corporate Social Responsibility perspective and are regaining trust whilst still allowing us all to reap the benefits of globalisation.

Although Corporate Social Responsibility is now a key issue for most companies, it is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to view their environmental impact even more seriously. The raft of debate of carbon emissions and recent legislation indicate that businesses are expected to go even further in making a positive impact on their surroundings.

Woodland Trust

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