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Air conditioning inspections and reports – Meeting legislation

Air Conditioning Inspections Energy Legislation

Air Conditioning Inspections and TM44

Air conditioning inspections are very important for your business in order to meet with legislation and help in reducing your carbon foot print. In 2003 the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) was brought into effect by the European Parliament to make countries in the EU to pass laws on energy consumption. With global warming and the climate still hot topic in the media, businesses are becoming more educated in the need to monitor and regulate their energy consumption. Even though we have our own pressures to make more of an effort in reducing our carbon foot print, EPBD has been successful in pushing EM countries to introduce legislation to make sure building owners are in line with their social responsibilities. In the UK, the relevant legislation is the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2007.

With air conditioning inspections, the EPBD helped in teh development of the TM44 reporting standard – which is now the industry standard for all system inspections and air con reports in England. TM44 provides comprehensive guidance to all air conditioning inspectors, in order for them to meet the requirements for carrying out compliant air conditioning inspections and to enable them to offer the best advice possible to business owners and premises managers. Any assessors or energy consultancy should adhere to the guidance provided by the TM44 document.

TM44 Inspection Reports

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and subsequent Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations of 2007 need all business building owners who have an air conditioning system on their grounds should have had their TM44 inspection report carried out by an certified assesor with in the required deadlines. These timescales were dependent on the rated output of the installed air conditioning systems and it’s imperative that you observed compliance with these prescribed deadlines in order to meet the legislation requirements.

In order to meet your legal responsibilities and to comply with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive/ Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations, the timescales for the completion of your air conditioning inspections and attainment of your air conditioning reports were as follows. If you are not in line with these dates, you have to get organised and get a TM44 inspection done immediately:

For existing air conditioning systems with outputs in excess of 12kW, the first inspection should have been carried out by January 2011.

For existing air conditioning systems with outputs in excess of 250kW, the first inspection should have been carried out by January 2009.

If you have had a new air conditioning system with an output of over 12kW installed since January 2008, you must ensure that you have it inspected by a qualified air conditioning inspector within 5 years of installation.

TM44 inspection reports are good for 5 years from the date of report completion, after which by law you will need to have a new TM44 inspection report done on your air conditioning system. Make sure that you keep a close eye on dates, so that you know when your next inspection is due to be completed. If you contravene the air conditioning inspection regulations you could face a fine.

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