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Air conditioning inspections and energy use

Air Conditioning Inspections

Air conditioning inspections and the environment

Air conditioning inspections are a vital part of business planning for building owners or managers. Air conditioning inspections aren’t just a legal requirement, but they are also an important element of your ethical responsibilities.

We all know that the environment is suffering from the impact that humans have made – by having air conditioning inspections carried out on your air conditioning systems, not only will you keep trading standards at bay, but more importantly, air conditioning inspections can also help you to keep a check on the energy performance of your air conditioning systems. This makes air conditioning inspections crucial if you want to reduce your carbon emissions and, in turn, do your bit for the environment.

Air conditioning inspections are the only way to check how your air conditioning systems are performing from an efficiency point of view. Without air conditioning inspections, you will have no idea if your air conditioning systems are eating their way through a disproportionate amount of energy. Every unnecessary unit of energy that your air conditioning systems are using is a unit of energy that is wasted and ultimately has a detrimental effect on the world around us.

Air conditioning inspections and your corporate social responsibility

With the potential environmental crisis featuring more regularly in the news with every passing week, the need for air conditioning inspections becomes ever more apparent. Every single one of us has a vested interest in reducing our carbon footprint, and for businesses, this interest is magnified – it’ is important that you can demonstrate to both your staff and your customers that you are taking your corporate and social responsibility seriously and air conditioning inspections are one way to evidence this.

Corporate social responsibility is becoming more and more important to businesses – while your corporate social responsibilities cover many different factors, carbon emissions and the fight to save the environment should fall somewhere near the top of the list. The need to reduce carbon emissions applies more strongly to businesses than individuals – what one person can save energy-wise with a little bit of planning and effort can be multiplied several fold for big businesses and companies – while every company is bound by the same laws regarding air conditioning inspections, the bigger your business premises, the more energy use your air conditioning inspections can help you save.

How air conditioning inspections can help

Air conditioning inspections must be carried out by a qualified assessor, according to TM44 guidelines. Air conditioning inspections will help to identify any areas for improvement and to make sure that your air conditioning systems are running at their most efficient. Air conditioning inspections are used by your assessor to provide an air conditioning report, which will show your energy use and provide recommendations for improved efficiency.

As well helping you to stay on the right side of the law and meet your corporate social responsibilities, air conditioning inspections can save you money in two ways. By having air conditioning inspections carried out, you ensure that you are not at risk of a fine for non-compliance and, as air conditioning inspections and reports show you how you can reduce your energy use, you will be able to save money by not using energy unnecessarily.

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