About NACI

About NACI

NACI is rapidly becoming recognised as the leading company for the provision of TM44 air conditioning inspections and reports throughout the UK and offers exceptional service levels to ensure its clients will be fully compliant and have a strategic plan to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

NACI is the only company in the UK that has been set up to specifically assist companies with their compliance of the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2007 relating to air conditioning inspections and air conditioning reports. NACI’ services will give you peace of mind in the knowledge that all legal requirements have been met and even exceeded due to NACI’ “above and beyond” business philosophy. By keeping up to date with legislative and compliance issues, your actions could save you substantial financial penalties.

Recognising the need for independence, NACI is uniquely set up to ensure that it has no vested interest in hiding past mistakes or selling additional services by making irrelevant recommendations – if a system is well maintained and running efficiently then we will tell you. Our independence ultimately gives our clients a much more accurate and relevant air conditioning report which identifies the issues that matter most – how to save energy and reduce costs.

TM44 Inspections Reports

Working in an emerging industry, NACI has painstakingly invested in ensuring the services we provided are supported by excellence in engineering capability. To this end, the company has a large network of qualified and certified first class air conditioning inspection engineers available and trained to Level 3 and Level 4 Air Conditioning Energy Assessor (ACEA). We have also spent considerable time in developing reports over and above the basic TM44 reporting standard to ensure our clients get relevant and informative reports which meets both their legislative and practical requirements. All engineers are strategically placed throughout the UK and Ireland thus ensuring no hidden costs such as expenses and travel are incurred by the client.

The company’s go to market strategy includes partnership and alliance through strategic agreements with like-minded companies. To date NACI has successful relationships with Property Management, Facilities Management, Maintenance & Engineering and Consultancy companies as well as other energy performance management and carbon reduction service organisations.

To view the types of clients and sites that we have undertaken air con inspections for, please see our Client Property Portfolio page.